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Thread: Interactive Mock 2.0 - New York Jets are OTC

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    Interactive Mock 2.0 - New York Jets are OTC

    Hey guys, we are running the Interactive Mock again due to popular demand. The fan forums of each NFL team get to vote for who their team should pick.

    Last time Jets fans chose Justin Houston and 20 people voted total.

    You can cast your vote for who you want your team to pick this time around here:

    Interactive Mock Draft 2.0

    And if you explain why with a brief short description, I will pick the best one and publish it along with the pick!

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    Of those it would be Cam Heyward

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    Heyward in the lead followed by Ayers and Brooks Reed.

    Going to let it run overnight and will tabulate the results in the morning. Keep voting guys!

    Also, would anyone like to do a brief 3-sentence write-up for Heyward?

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    A) It's New York JETS not Giants.

    B) When you think of Rex Ryan's New York Jets, you think defense. Unfortunately, the team struggled mightily to put pressure on the QB in 2010. Sean Ellis isn't getting any younger. The effective but oft-injured Kris Jenkins and enigmatic (to be kind) Vernon Gholston are gone. So, the Jets will turn to Heyward to upgrade at DE. As any Buckey fan can attest, Heyward can be maddeningly inconsistent. However, he showed in this year’s Sugar Bowl how effective he can be at the top of his game. A player of his athleticism and size make him a great value at #30.

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    Sorry about that typo.

    Thanks for the write-up NYJ0815!

    Alright guys, the pick is in, your results are updated. You can see who your team selected here:

    Interactive Mock Draft 2.0 Results

    Check out the comments I made about your team in the On the Clock section.

    And feel free to bookmark that page and continue voting daily. We will do one team every day.


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