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Thread: Adrian Clayborn

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    Adrian Clayborn

    If he is there, do we take him????

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    No thanks. Just not good enough. Not enough strength at the point, and not enough speed to make up for it. Not hard enough to block basically.

    I could see him being a decent player, but absolutely no elite upside.

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    He's more of a 4-3 end, in a typical year I would jump at him, but this year is an oddity, too many good DL's coming out. If he's there and Heyward is still available I'd take Heyward over him.

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    I think he is more of a 4-3 guy but just on falling and draft position I'd take him in a heartbeat at the 30th spot in the draft.

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    Would love to get him at #30. I think he's big enough and plays the run well enough to be a RDE in the 3-4. His effort is terrific, and he would bring good pass-rush production as well as run-stopping abilities.

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    He's ok but I prefer Heyward at 30

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    I think the Jets have to consider him at #30, but I really hope he's gone and pushes down Wilk, Hey or Ayers.


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