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Thread: Sec of Defense Callup Number 2 (AG)

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    Sec of Defense Callup Number 2 (AG)

    One of my Marine Buddies heading back to AG......

    Well it seems that I am part of another large troop insurgence sent forth by the SecDef that has been released in the news today. I will be heading to Afghanistan and I am not sure when the next time I will be back to talk to all of you. I thank you all for supporting me and I should be back soon to update everything. Gonna be hooking and jabbing with my boys. Love ya all.

    Cpl Woodall
    You just never know until it happens, and when it does, you damn well better hope you had good training and you soaked it all in and didn't waste an opportunity to learn, cause there isn't any time for second chances in combat

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    Good luck and God Bless Cpl. Woodall.

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    Good luck, soldier.

    Come home safe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Revi$_I$l@nd View Post
    Good luck, soldier.

    Come home safe.

    And end the damn Wars so we can stop having to say this.

    8 Years of Bush, 2 Years of Obama, and piss all gained.

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