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Thread: What are peoples feelings on resigning some of our players?

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    Mid way through the season I said that Holmes had to be resigned, but the more I think about his skill set and that of Edwards I say that Edwards should be the priority because he's a larger target with improved hands and he has stated for two years consistently that he wants to be a Jet. At the end of the day you want players that want to be here and if the choice is between Edwards and Holmes I choose Edwards.

    Plus, Sanchez at his current state isn't a great accurate passer, he needs a bigger target to make plays on his off throws.

    I would sign Edwards, Cro and Harris as the 3 main FA's. I would resign Hunter and let Smith go. I really believe we need better WR's than he can offer and we can find a competent kick returner.

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    I want Holmes and Edwards back on the team next year. Having Cromartie back would also be nice, but the two WRs should be the top priority. Look at our WR corps, we don't have any under contract right now except for Cotchery, and he's getting older while rehabbing some significant injuries right now. I'd also like us to draft another WR this year.

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    I dont think they will sign Cro.

    I'd bring back the 2 WR and Harris, let basically everyone else walk.

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    1 - harris
    2 - holmes
    (this is my big dillema 3-4 ... i'll go with holmes & cotch giving up edwards being better for the team than revis & wilson giving up cro ... hopefully both can be kept)
    3 - cro
    4 - edwards
    5- hunter
    6 - smith

    .. i disagree with you about $$$/draft picks to invest in backup qb regarding salary-cap era football ... i'm certainly not going invest more $$$/picks on a backup fb when many teams don't even have 1 on their roster ...

    ... smith is a goner ... hope we can find a way to keep the rest ...

    ... if not hunter they def need to bring in another hold-the-fort body with playing experience to battle ducasse in camp & rt if ducasse $h*ts the bed ...


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    Quote Originally Posted by parafly View Post
    We will resign Edwards and Holmes. They are too valuable to the continued development of our franchise QB, and our WR depth is rather poor.

    Hunter is a player we would like to sign back, but I think he priced himself off the team last season. Some team will give him starter money, and we won't have the ability to compete financially. Pencil in Ducasse as the starting RT to start the season.

    Cromartie is as good as gone. Revis is the highest paid CB in the league, and we have another 1st round pick waiting in the wings. He will demand far more money than we can to pay.

    Smith is a possibility. It's tough to gauge the new market for a kick returner at this point, and he may be willing to sign a reasonable home town contract if interest is weak. Some teams may be willing to give him a decent amount of money due to his wildcat abilities. We'd like him back, but the bottom line is he's replaceable and not a priority.
    Pretty much agree, especially about Edwards and Holmes. I also think Hunter is critical to be signed at least short-term if possible, at least until they find out what they have in Ducasse.

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    Any position in which you have a significant package of your offense or defense in which a player is included should have a viable back up. Especially a physically bruising one like FB and also often FB's make pretty good special teamers.

    If the Jets decided to essentially ditch their fullback driven ground and pound philosophy then I'm fine with having only one FB or better yet none at all. If they have a FB in on say 35% of the snaps on offense then you should have a back up. In my mind you either value the position or you don't.

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    Given how the offseason has gone and is going. I wonder if the league might come up with some sort of special allowance this year for keeping your own FAs. Perhaps there could be some flexibility with the cap like basketball has. Is so, that could significantly benefit the Jets.


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