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Thread: The 2011 New York Jets Offseason Activity Thread

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    The 2011 New York Jets Offseason Activity Thread

    [B][SIZE="7"][COLOR="DarkGreen"][U]2011 New York Jets Offseason Activity[/U][/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]


    Jets hire Tom Moore (Former Colts), as Offensive Consultant.

    [B][U][SIZE="5"]Free Agency:[/SIZE][/U][/B]

    Santonio Holmes (WR) - URFA agrees to terms, 5 year/$50 million (Resigned)
    Plaxico Buress (WR) - URFA agrees to terms, 1 Year/$3 Million
    Derrick Mason (WR) - URFA signed (From Baltimore)
    Keith Zinger (TE) URFA signed, from Atlanta
    Mark Brunell (QB) - Released, then Resigned
    Wayne Hunter (OL) - URFA agreed to terms, 4 year/$13 million (Resigned)
    Robert Turner - (OL) - RFA agreed to terms, terms unknown (Resigned)

    Antonio Cromartie - (DB) - URFA, agrees to terms, 3 years
    Donald Strickland (DB) - URFA agrees to terms, 1 year
    Brodney Pool - (S) - URFA agreed to terms.
    Eric Smith - (S) - URFA agreed to terms, 3 Year/$ Unknown (Resigned)
    David Harris (LB) - Franchized/Re-signed (one-year contract) on 2/24/11

    Nick Folk (K) - URFA agreed to terms, terms unknown (Resigned)
    Nick Novak (K) - Signed on 2/9

    8/10 Cordarol Scales WR signed
    8/8 Eddie Jones LB signed
    8/7 Wilson Raynor LB signed

    [u][b]Undrafted Free Agents[/b][/u]

    Josh Baker, H-back, Northwest Missouri State
    Chris Stewart, OG, Notre Dame
    Zane Taylor, OG/C, Utah
    Nick Bellore, ILB, Central Michigan
    Julian Posey, CB, Ohio
    Courtney Smith, WR, South Alabama
    Mike Campbell, WR, Temple
    Byron Landor, S, Baylor
    Dan DePalma, WR, School Unknown
    Matthias Berning, Position Unknown, School Unknown
    Curtis Duron, Position Unknown, School Unknown
    Chris Bryan, Position Unknown, School Unknown
    Trevor Canfield, G, Cincinnati
    Pete Clifford G, School Unknown

    [B][U][SIZE="5"]NFL Draft 2011:[/SIZE][/U][/B]

    [U]Round #1 (30th/30th Overall):[/u] Muhammad Wilkerson, DT/DE, Temple (Signed, 4 Year Deal, Optional 5th)
    [U]Round #3 (30th/94th Overall):[/U] Kenrick Ellis, DT, Hampton (Signed, 4 Year Deal)
    [U]Round #4 (29th/126th Overall):[/U] Bilal Powell, RB, Louisville (Signed, 4 Year Deal)
    [U]Round #5 (22nd/153rd Overall):[/U] Jeremy Kerley, WR/KR, TCU (Signed, 4 Year Deal)
    [U]Round #7 (5th/208th Overall/From Arizona):[/U] Greg McElroy, QB Alabama (Signed, 4 Year Deal)
    [U]Round #7 (24th/227th Overall/From Philidelphia):[/U] Scotty McKnight WR Colorado (Signed, 4 Year Deal)

    Jets Trade 5th Rounder (#161) and 6th Rounder (#194) To Phil. Eagles for 5th Rounder (#153) and 7th Rounder (#227)


    None as Yet


    [B][U][SIZE="5"]Unsigned Free Agents:[/SIZE][/U][/B]


    Brad Smith - (WR/KR) - URFA, Signed By Buffalo Bills (Terms Unknown)
    Kellen Clemens - (QB) - URFA, Signed by Washington Redskins (1 Year)
    Braylon Edwards - (WR) - URFA, Signed by San Francisco 49ers (1 Year)
    Jericho Cotchery (WR) - Cut 8/4, Signed with Pittsburgh
    Laverneus Coles - (WR) - URFA, Not Resigned
    Tony Richardson - (FB) - URFA, Not resigned, RETIREMENT PENDING
    Ben Hartsock (TE) - Cut 3/2/11, Signed by Carolina Panthers (2 Years)
    Kevin O'Connell (QB) - Released 7/29
    Eric Ainge (QB) - Cut 7/29
    Damien Wooddy (OL) - Cut on 2/28/11, RETIREMENT PENDING
    Marlon Davis (OG) - Waved 7/29

    Shaun Ellis (DE) - URFA, Signed by New England Patriots (3 Years)
    Kris Jenkins (DT) - Cut on 2/28, RETIREMENT PENDING
    Drew Coleman - (DB) - URFA, Signed by Jacksonville Jaguars (3 Years)
    Vernon Gholston (DE) - Cut, Signed by Chicago BEars (Terms Not Disclosed)
    Jason Taylor (DE) - Cut on 3/2/11
    James Ihedigbo - (DB) - URFA, Not Resigned
    Lance Laury - (LB) - URFA, Not Resigned
    Trevor Pryce - (DL) - URFA, Not Resigned
    Rodrique Wright - (DL)- URFA, Not Resigned
    Will Billingsley (CB) - Waved 7/29

    Steve Weatherford - (P) - URFA, Signed by New York Giant (Terms Unknown)

    David Herron LB, signed then cut
    Carlton Powell DE, signed then cut
    Cody Brown, LB, signed then cut
    Jeff Willis, OL, Minnesota (2011 UDFA - CUT!)
    Tom Ottaiano, OT, Monmouth (2011 UDFA - CUT!)
    Jeremy McGee, Position Unknown, School Unknown (2011 UDFA - CUT!)
    Collin Franklin, TE, Iowa State (2011 UDFA - CUT!)
    Taylor Boggs, C, Humboldt State (2011 UDFA - CUT!)
    Dajuan Morgan, S, Virginia Tech (2011 UDFA - CUT!)
    Stafford Gatling, OLB, Ohio (2011 UDFA - CUT!)

    Sources for Transaction Info:


    and [url][/url]

    Source: For UDFA Signings, See Here: [url][/url]

    For a more detailed list (including lesser and transient free agents and transactins) please see Jasons brilliant site (A ust for all Jets Fans) Here: [url][/url]
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