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Thread: Devastating Tornado

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    [QUOTE=Tyler Durden;4011823]HE'S THE F*CKING PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Some people may want to hear from their president during a tragedy.

    Did he say something contreversial or can you still not handle the fact he's your president.[/QUOTE]

    lol... I don't need the President to tell me how awful this is. You made this thread political with the very first post. You wanted to show how solemn and comforting Obama can be in times of crisis, when in fact I'm sure it was one of his communications people who wrote the statement and released it to the press without Obama even reading it first. Standard operating procedure for every President.

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    [QUOTE=shakin318;4011709]If Van Jones succeeds in getting "Mother Nature" the same rights as humans, does this mean she'd also be held criminally liable for this horrible loss of life?[/QUOTE]
    The worst storms on record? 1925.

    We still have a long way to go.


    The Global Warmers

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    [QUOTE=Warfish;4011843] It's funny how predictable this forum is. Really.;)[/QUOTE]

    And yet 2 mods are now required to do the job 1 used to do.

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    [QUOTE=Jungle Shift Jet;4012459]And yet 2 mods are now required to do the job 1 used to do.[/QUOTE]

    Paulie and Ha Ha Ha do a great job IMO. Far better than I did.

    I think JI has some of the bst Mods around, tbh.

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    [QUOTE=Warfish;4014136]Paulie and Ha Ha Ha do a great job IMO. Far better than I did..[/QUOTE]

    +1. But you didn't exactly set the bar too high.

    (insert smilie here to indicate that the text preceeding it was meant in jest.)


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