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Thread: Most overrated player in this draft? Gabbert

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    Most overrated player in this draft? Gabbert

    Dude played in the Missouri Spread and had 16 TDs last year? Really? 16TDs and 9 picks? Chase Daniel was better than that.

    The guy is the epitome of a "Dink and Dunk" QB and does NOT have the arm strength to really dart the ball downfield. He was in an offense where he had 4+ receivers on every play and all he did was show short curl routes.

    I think Andy Dalton AND Chris Ponder will be better NFL players. Heck, I think the kid from Nevada will be better.

    I don't guy why there are people (Mike Mayock) saying he is the best QB in the draft. Then again, people thought Akili Skith, Alex Smith, and Joey Harrington were good...

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    I don't dislike Gabbert, but I don't believe he's a top 10 pick.

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    That and he looks like a douchebag.
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