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Thread: Sensing a tradeup for Brooks Reed

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    What HE said....

    They let the draft come to them and resisted the temptation to overvalue a "name" guy and wound up with a monster DT.

    Curious to see what direction they take tomorrow. I guess the only silver lining out of that first half against Pittsburgh was that Rex realized that no matter how great your schemes are, you can't teach size. With Wilkerson and now Kenrick Ellis, the Jets are going to field a HUGE D-Line and allow Bart and Harris to seek and destroy, and maybe free up Pace to do some damage. All they need now is an actual playmaker at Safety and the D will be EPIC!

    I'd like for them to trade up for Acho now unless they really like a the DB's that are left because I don't see many passrush prospects left. At this point I don't know if I even take an OLB the rest of the draft and focus on DB, WR/TE, OL...if they go LBer it may just be an ILB to take over for Scott in a couple years.

    EDIT: I would actually double dip on DB if possible...guys I like: Josh Thomas, Sands, Hagg, Black, and Keo.
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