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Thread: Jeremy beal 4th round?

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    Jeremy beal 4th round?

    WHo do you guys like? beal looks solid. trade up get him. who would be there for us?

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    trade up, no. If we took him - i'd trust Rex's judgement but i think there's better pass rushing OLBs left at this point.

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    Dont like LB's that run 5.2

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    Sam Acho 6'2" 265 de/olb

    ran a 4.68 at the combine with a 1.66 10 yard split. scheme diverse, good kid, loves the game

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    i now want edmund gates looks like a home run hitter, dude is a fast wr or acho, Hope gates falls to us. think with that beef up front, it would make it easier for our lbers to rush the qb.

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    We still need some passrushing OLBs and improving the speed of the LB's, maybe Carter, Acho et al and even Herzlich later after these guys on if he's available at the Jets spots. I think he'll recover his explosiveness and he's a smart player too

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    With where the Jets are picking in the 4th round would the Miller kid from UCF be a reach?

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    Quote Originally Posted by crayc View Post
    WHo do you guys like? beal looks solid. trade up get him. who would be there for us?
    Wouldn't hate it based on his terrific college production, but you have to worry about his horrible 40 yard time and his ability to move fluidly enough to play OLB in our 3-4.

    I would love Acho or C.Carter in the 4th, but Beal might work later if those guys aren't available when the Jets pick.

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    Beal sucks... Wouldn't take him in the 7th round. No speed (forget his 40 time, I mean on the field) and certainly not enough strength to make up for it.

    Acho is the only bigger school guy I'd take for that position. Then it would come down to us projecting someone and that is all on the scouts.

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    Beal ran a 5.14 at the combine, Ellis ran a 5.19. :lol:

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    lol ok i retracted from beal. Just threw the name out, did not know anything about him. My final pick for the 4th is edmund gates. Or sam macho man. Either or.


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