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Thread: Obama's opportunity

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    [QUOTE=shakin318;4021799]Obama's key message that resonated throughout his campaign was that he was going to be a uniter..."no more red states, no more blue states, only the United States" and such. Nobody can argue that since his election, the country and the two parties have been more polarized than ever. We could argue endlessly about why it's more polarized -- the left will blame the "obstructionist and racist right", the right will blame the left for arrogantly ramming home socialist entitlements etc....I'm not interested in having that argument here.

    Obama gained huge political capital with the death of OBL, and I fully expect him to use it in his run to 2012 (as anyone would). But will he use this uniting victory to perhaps work towards his "one America" promise, or will it all just be campaign mojo? All his "victories" up to this point have been partisan and subjective (obamacare, etc), and team Obama goes by Rahm Emanuel's motto of "never let a crisis go to waste" -- how will they handle this unprecedented positive political good fortune? It's gonna be interesting to watch...[/QUOTE]

    The problem is he has to run for reelection.

    He will be under full scale attack by the right for over a year. Sadly he will have to respond and it will all go back to he said, she said. Do you think the right will be all about "one America"? :rolleyes:

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    [QUOTE=FF2;4024519]Do you think the right will be all about "one America"? :rolleyes:[/QUOTE]

    Nope. Not any more than their message will be "Change we can believe in." The "one America" line was Obama's -- right up until "he won." Then it was EFF YOU IF YOU DISAGREE: I WON.

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    [QUOTE=shakin318;4024505]I can see the Obama campaign posters now:

    [B][I][SIZE="3"]Hey, it would have been just as bad under McCain.[/SIZE][/I][/B][/QUOTE]

    lol it was a serious question.....I'm not even trying to get in that argument and I'm not a big fan of Obama

    I was just kinda thinking that any president was screwed given the situation.


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