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Thread: Nice article on the TV Draft Coverage

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    Nice article on the TV Draft Coverage

    Too long to copy and paste:

    Discusses ESPN and NFLN with some good insights.

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    Had Ryan Mallett not slid, we might not have gotten the moment where the NFL Network won the television draft.

    It came deep on Friday night after Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders had thankfully exited the property. The third round had just concluded and the quartet on the NFLN set -- Rich Eisen, Charles Davis, Brian Billick and Mike Mayock -- dug deep into the Mallett selection.

    ... the article is way off from the start ...

    ... irvin & sanders can't sniff mayock's j*ck ...


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    i enjoy watching the players emotions upon being picked. I enjoy watching the crowd reaction to the picks.

    I don't enjoy any aspect of the announcing.

    I was watching CBS sports coverage and they called Muhammad Wilkerson a nose tackle. Cmon fellas.


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