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Thread: What's all this Imogen Thomas, Ryan Giggs, Twitter business?

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    What's all this Imogen Thomas, Ryan Giggs, Twitter business?

    Seems like she's hot.

    Seems like the Brits sport nuts have as many Twitter issues as Braylon and our footballers.

    Seems like these Men in Black are a bunch of loons.

    Educate me.

    Report: Twitter sued by world-famous soccer star

    Soccer players tend not to be of the highest intellectual caliber.

    They are, after all, too busy playing soccer.

    However, I wonder if one particular British soccer player--a very famous one at that--might have plunged below the normal soccer player IQ standards by reportedly filing a lawsuit against those sporting chaps at Twitter.

    Business Week--and just about every newspaper in the world that enjoys the world's most lovely game--has witnessed the appropriate court papers.
    The British lawsuit not only goes after Twitter but also reportedly seeks retribution against "persons unknown responsible for the publication of information on the Twitter accounts."

    Here's the quick version of the story. British judges tend to favor those who have an awful lot of money. So they have begun to issue things that have been called super-injunctions.

    These basically state that a famous person who might have behaved badly outside of his marriage or merely outside of a pub, cannot be publicly outed. It's called a super-injunction because news organizations cannot even publish the fact that such a super-injunction exists.



    IMOGEN Thomas has called in the police after death threats from Manchester United fanatics.

    Imogen Thomas has been showered with abuse since Ryan Giggs was named as the footballer who took out an injunction to hide a six-month fling with her.

    They blame her for the furore and fear it is distracting the team in the build-up to Saturday’s Champions League final against Barcelona.

    She lives in London and is terrified the extremist fans, modelling themselves on Italian hooligans known as Ultras, will find her when they travel down for the Wembley clash.

    Already balaclava-clad yobs have slashed tyres and hurled flour and eggs at journalists’ cars outside 37-year-old Giggs’s £5million mansion in Worsley, Gtr Manchester.

    Police sources believe the mob are a gang of fanatics calling themselves the Continuity Manchester Education Committee – or Men In Black. Former Big Brother star Imogen, 28, fears she is now in their firing line.

    Last night her spokesman Max Clifford told the Daily Star: “She’s very frightened. Her lawyers have informed police about the threats she’s been receiving.’’

    One of her close pals added: “She’s been getting very nasty threats.

    “She’s terrified. She doesn’t want to leave the house because she worries what these people may do to her if they get their hands on her.

    “She’s convinced they will kill her if they get the chance.’’

    United supporters have vented their rage at her through Twitter. As our image above shows, she has been receiving personal abuse.

    She also wrote: “Don’t wanna get out of bed today! Actually I may not!’’ Message boards on supporter site are littered with praise for the masked yobs’ attack on reporters.

    One chilling post read: “Shame they didn’t torch them.’’

    The Ultras have struck before. Last year 30 men in balaclavas turned up at Wayne Rooney’s home when he wanted to leave the club. He pledged his loyalty to United soon after.

    Rio Ferdinand, 32, was also targeted in similar circumstances in 2005.

    A United source said: “These are the hardest core of supporters. They want Giggsy fully focused on the game and they’re prepared to act.”

    The threats are the main reason Imogen wants the injunction covering her relationship with Giggs lifted so she can tell her side of the story.

    He can only be named because Lib Dem MP John Hemming used parliamentary privilege to identify Giggs in the House Of Commons

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    Google search..Imogen Thomas..

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaoulDuke View Post
    Google search..Imogen Thomas..
    I did.....and ended up twittering all over my keyboard.

    Is that considered a vile tweet?


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