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Thread: BofA Threatens to Foreclose Over $0.00

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    BofA Threatens to Foreclose Over $0.00

    Oh, Bank of America... will you never cease to amuse/amaze/horrify us? Yet another computer glitch from this year's Worst Company in America runner-up had one Massachusetts homeowner scratching his head when he received a foreclosure notice from BofA warning him that his property would end up in foreclosure if he didn't immediately pay the amount of $0.00.

    "It says, you owe us zero dollars, zero cents. Was I going to write a check to them for zero dollars and have it clear? I couldn't help but laugh," he tells WWLP TV.

    He says he tried contacting BofA to find out what was going on, but like so many other people out there was unsuccessful. That is, until WWLP got involved and suddenly Bank of America couldn't stop calling him.

    "Three phone calls in 24 hours is more than I received from them in 3 weeks," he said.

    BofA tells the TV station that a bank error was applying the homeowner's payments "to the wrong section of the account."

    Unfortunately, he says the foreclosure notice hurt his credit score, even though it was for no money.

    WWLP says the bank has corrected the error, given the man $150 for his troubles and promised to fix his credit rating.

    You can check out the full foreclosure notice HERE.
    Great job, morons...great job...

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    One wonders if this was due to code written by a brilliant American IS Professional (named Bitonti).


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