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Thread: Wladimir Klitschko vs David Haye: who's ur pick?

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    I'm not a boxing expert, and Cant speak for boxing's over "health" and PPV #'s, but as a fan of the sport for years it does seem that boxing is not as much in the converation on TV and at the water cooler...Just seems like an afterthought. Maybe thats because of all teh other distractions these days, who knows. But I do think the sport doesnt have the compelling story lines and rivalries it used to. Where are the hagler/hearns/Sugar Ray rivalries? Those guys were bigger than life.
    Sugar Shane is old, Del La Hoya is done. Hopkins while still pretty good is OLD. There are some good fighters but they don't have that IT factor. And Where are the HW's, cuz that seems to drive alot of the popularity. Other than the Klitschkos I just dont see 'em.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FijiJet View Post
    Too bad for Haye he couldnt back up his big talk
    maybe the worst effort i have ever seen in a big time fight.. the guy was flopping so much, the ref got POed & called the last one a knockdown..

    then he had the nerve to act like he won the fight no less..

    they interview the clown & he blames a toe injury (for about 2 minutes) for his showing..

    if i had anything to do with his cut for the purse, i would have disputed his right to claim it..


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