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    [QUOTE]California Cooks Grill Record Breaking 777-Pound Hamburger


    PLEASANTON, Calif. A team of caterers have cooked what is believed to be the world's largest hamburger, a whopping 777-pound sandwich that stole the show at this past weekend's Alameda County Fair.

    Nick Nicora of Ovation Food Services and Brett Enright of Juicy's - a barbecue catering company - spent 15 hours cooking the massive patty, topping it with 50 pounds of cheese, 30 pounds of lettuce and 20 pounds of onions.

    The Daily Mail reports that the burger contains 1,375,000 calories, enough to feed one person for nearly two years. A forklift was used to place it on the scales.

    If it is certified by the Guinness, Nicora and Enright's creation has smashed the current record by 187 pounds.

    According to The Sun, pieces of the burger were sold at the fair for 99 cents each, with all proceeds going toward charity. Enright told the paper he came up with the idea during a month off from work.



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    i would think the burger would be a lot bigger......i wonder what the precooked weight was.....where did they cook it?

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    For 700 pounds, it doesn't look that big


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