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You keep missing my point. Here's your quote:

Well 50 percent of Americans pay none..... so the lazy people who actually are home to answer the phone for this poll would be fine with you and I paying more.

Why would being in the 50% who don't pay taxes suggest that these are lazy people who are at home to answer the phone, rather than working stiffs who get tax credits... your connection of the two was factually wrong.
ThIs is a message board, I was exaggerating. My point is that to fall in the bottom 50 percent or so..... You could work harder. At some point there are MANY, NOT ALL that simply don't work more, because they are.......... Lazy???? Why would a 35 year old guy, with an education from a so called good school district on LI drop out of college, take a job making 14 an hour and sit home all day from 5pm on and weekends and be happy not doing more??? I call that lazy and not ambitious.

I worked 3 jobs when first married.