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Thread: Dirty Politics

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    Dirty Politics

    This is pretty funny.

    [LEFT][COLOR=#000000]The media is already obsessing about the negativity of the 2012 campaign.[/COLOR][/LEFT]

    [COLOR=#000000]My colleague Bill O'Reilly recently said:[/COLOR]
    [INDENT][I]"...this presidential going to be the most media intensive vicious propaganda-filled hate fest that we've ever seen."[/I][/INDENT][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#000000]But these types of statements have defined every election cycle for years. People always claim the mudslinging is worse than ever.[/COLOR]

    [LEFT][COLOR=#000000]President Obama said it seemed:[/COLOR][/LEFT]
    [INDENT][I]"...a return to civility is not possible. Like the very idea is a relic of a bygone era." [/I][/INDENT][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#000000]A relic of a bygone era? Obama and O'Reilly are just wrong.[/COLOR]

    [LEFT][COLOR=#000000]In 1800, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson tore each other to shreds. What if they had TV attack ads? This ad [/COLOR]
    [LEFT][COLOR=#000000][URL=""]ad[/URL] [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#000000]used actual quotes from the time. Jefferson and his supporters called Adams a, "blind, bald, crippled, toothless man," while Jefferson was referred to as a, "mean-spirited, low-lived fellow, the son of a half-breed Indian squaw, sired by a Virginia mulatto father."[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#000000]Twenty years later, Andrew Jackson's wife was referred to as a [URL=""]bigamist[/URL] for not being formally divorced from her first husband before marrying Jackson. Grover Cleveland was smeared for allegedly fathering a child out of [URL=""]wedlock[/URL]. Lyndon Johnson's [URL=""]"Daisy" ad[/URL] implied Barry Goldwater would start a nuclear war if elected.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#000000]Civil campaigns are not a ‘thing of the past.' They never existed.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#000000]It makes me wonder what [URL=""]my own ad[/URL] would look like.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#000000]I'll show you more on my show tonight at 10 p.m. on FBN.[/COLOR][/LEFT]

    [LEFT][COLOR=#000000]Read more: [URL][/URL][/COLOR][/LEFT]

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    In the Presidential election of 2012 Republicans and Independents will question Obama's competency. Democrats, knowing that Obama's lack of competence (incompetence) is a valid issue, won't defend Obama. Instead they'll throw out the 'Republicans are racists' race-card.

    That's gonna be ugly!



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