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Thread: china bullet train disaster

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    china bullet train disaster

    this story isn't getting a ton of play but it's super interesting. they say they were burying train cars with a bulldozer to cover up the wreckage. and their mighty bullet trains were stopped by a thunderstorm.

    ya think our gov't is bad? you could live in China...

    BEIJING: Chinese authorities face growing public fury over the high-speed train crash that killed at least 38 people and injured 192, with the disposal of wreckage and attempts to control coverage of the incident prompting allegations of a cover-up.


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    [QUOTE]Web users attacked the government's response to the disaster after authorities muzzled media coverage and urged reporters to focus on rescue efforts. ''We have the right to know the truth!'' wrote one microblogger [B]''kangfu xiaodingdang''.[/B] ''That's our basic right!''[/QUOTE]

    Ting Tang walla walla bingbang

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    Steve Wynn stated "Everything is great in China and the train crash could of been avoided if it weren't for Obama's policies".


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