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Thread: Threats to Police Pensions, A Wake-Up Call For Cops? (with videos)

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    Threats to Police Pensions, A Wake-Up Call For Cops? (with videos)

    [QUOTE]The divide-and-conquer strategies of the top-down control system have been fairly successful so far in pitting the police against the public. A vast militarization of local police due to the wars on drugs and terror have led to escalating abuse of the American citizenry by their own protectors.

    Some of this out-of-control police state violence has been directed at people protesting an unjust economic system that blatantly has looted the American public in favor of propping up too-big-to fail international banks and an assortment of government-owned companies. As these federal institutions and companies have failed, the burden has been placed squarely on the shoulders of those being most affected by these poor decisions and outright thievery to the extent that serious discussion has begun about cutting "entitlement" programs that working Americans have already been paying for all along.

    Many police seem to have forgotten that they are integral members of this failing society -- particularly so as public servants -- and do not sit far above it, as their elite controllers apparently would like them to believe. Instead of a willingness to crack heads if called upon, as the Wisconsin police union president stated toward public union protesters over collective bargaining rights, they should probably be reading the writing on the wall. Lone Star Watchdog correctly implies that the money junkies who control this system don't know how to stop. They have nearly consumed all of the money of the general population, and are now moving on to chop the lines of police, firefighters, and government workers.

    The city of Central Falls, Rhode Island is the one of the first to suggest that police and firefighter retirees need to make a choice: sacrifice up to 50% now, or risk losing it all later. This is no choice at all, but rather it heralds a sign that local government is modeling the financial terrorist tactics that the Federal government has already employed.

    In the words of Robert Flanders, State-appointed Receiver, "A haircut looks better than a beheading." Subtle. Flanders also invokes Obama's recent call for "shared sacrifice," clearly choosing to deflect criticism from those who created the problem, and instead guilt-trip the already-looted into doing more to keep their city alive. An appropriate analogy is to imagine if someone who stole all four tires off of your car later asks for ransom to get them back. Well, you do need your car, right?


    Clearly the problem with this shared sacrifice request is that similar to the thief who gets bailed out by the victim, there is nothing "shared" in such a coercive arrangement. Lone Star Watchdog gives a perfect summary of why we can expect that the voluntary "haircut" won't be enough:

    The US Government has been looking for a reason to steal the country's pension funds, and we are lucky to get the crumbs left on the table after the money junkies go on a spending binge. The US government has been taking away from the Federal pension fund, diverting to other spending programs. No matter what the government says about our pension funds, they are not entitlement programs, just like social security. People contributed into the system all their lives with years of hard work and playing by the rules.
    As for the police: welcome to our world.

    The government will honor contracts at one-hundred cents on the dollar when bailing out fraudulent banks, but when it comes to middle-class pension guarantees, those same fraudulent banks demand to be paid at your expense. We are not happy that you have been invited to the endgame of this economic collapse scenario, because it indicates how close that end really is. So, please, one last time; drop your weapons against us and help us stand up for you as well.

    The following video should not be the legacy you leave in the minds of the American people.



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    A wake up call for COPs? Are you suggesting that some police sleep on the job? :zzz:

    Most sure do get kick-ass retirements at an early age!


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    LOL. Public Pension Plans are under attack everywhere

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    Wait till we lose the triple a rating. Pension funds will really hit the skids.

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    [QUOTE=MnJetFan;4077034]Wait till we lose the triple a rating. Pension funds will really hit the skids.[/QUOTE]

    I love when the Tea Partiers lecture everyone on how to manage the gov't's money and yet can't seem to do that in their own lives. :rolleyes:

    Hey Rep. Joe Walsh!!!!!

    [QUOTE]A Tea Party-backed U.S. Congressman who has lectured the U.S. government about getting its financial house in order owes more than $100,000 in child support payments, a lawyer for his ex-wife said on Thursday.[/QUOTE]


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