Okay, the annoying audio ads seem to be gone. But now I"ve got something else making a huge negative impact on the site experience. The number of advertisting redirects is out of control. Every page results in 2-3 redirects to generate lots of tasty ad revenue, but makes the browser back button unusable. Notice in your browser history, you will see several pages for phuine.com/adstream/xxx. I can't even find anything about this service on google. I will only run the site in inprivate browsing mode just to protect my system from whatever else might be going on because I just don't trust it.

Again, I know the site needs to generate revenue, but there are a number of very respectable and legitimate ad services that are low impact on the user experience. I want to spend more time on the site, but this is pushing me away. If you guys switch to a more legitimate service at some point, I will come all the way back but until then... meh.