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Thread: I hate the people I work with

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dimitri_0515 View Post
    I've seen my fair share of scumbags in my career, but I've got to say some of the people I work with are just truly evil.

    I've lost my motivation to work due to these asshoIes. I feel the only way to change things is from the inside.

    I have no pull and no hooks. I came from the bottom up and tried my best in whatever I did. Thick skin only goes so far and now I'm having trouble containing my temper.

    How does everyone deal with their problems at work?
    maybe you can just go out for a walk . relax yourself .

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    Quote Originally Posted by PlumberKhan View Post
    I love my job...were it not for that, I'd of moved out of WNY 2 months after I moved here.

    My company has about 150 employees. I can only think of 2, maybe 3 douches. Our company picnics, charity golf outings and xmas parties are a blast. Everyone shows up, gets trashed and 4 or 5 people do something notable while sh*tfaced. We have a policy at our Admin office where we all head down to the pier at 2:30pm on Thursdays and then barhop across town until late. We're just not right.

    They'll have to carry me out of this place in a pine box before I quit. Besides, my long term plan is to become Executive Director someday.
    Damn that sounds like a cool place.


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