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    Vern didn't look too bad in the game. He is going to benefit from playing in the 4 3 D(which is the D he belongs in) He caused a fumble on a kick off that was negated because of a penalty and he had one tackle and some good pressure. It's mostly against the Bills 2nd team though.

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    Funny, because there was an article that came out earlier saying Gholston didn't do much of anything.

    But he caused a fumble against a bunch of future UPS workers and bag boys. He's headed to Canton!

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    I got that pre season package from NFL.coma and I wanted to see how Brad Smith did and also see how Merriman got 3 sacks. Both Gholston and Okoye looked good and Randy Cross kept saying Gholston name in the 2nd quarter. I'm just reporting what I saw.

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    resign this beast

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    He's a bad player on some average team now. Let it go.

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    nice one :)
    good to see he don`t need the "roids" against cardboard cutouts.
    may go all the way this fella? :D


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