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Thread: Yet another Incarcerated Bob report

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    Yet another Incarcerated Bob report

    Our good friend Incarcerated Bob is reporting that Francessa will not be in the 1-6:30 WFAN time slot come next september. The network has begun to search for replacements. It is unknown as to whether he will remain with the network at a different slot.

    incarceratedbob incarcerated bob
    **WFAN NEWS**Source: Higher ups at WFAN have started making plans to replace Francessa during the 1-6:30 time slot (Next Football season)
    10 hours ago

    incarceratedbob incarcerated bob
    **WFAN NEWS** Direct Quote From Source "Enjoy Francessa this Football season because it will be his last in the 1-6:30 time slot"
    10 hours ago
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