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Thread: This Sunday's night game info from the...

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    This Sunday's night game info from the...

    This Sunday's night game info from the Bengals website - [B]Talk About It...[/B]


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    This is what I got from that link. Hey Marvin you idiot....freakin hand the ball off the first 26 times of every game and you'll win the division.

    The Bengals are 30-2 under head coach Marvin Lewis in games with an individual rusher at 25 or more carries, a winning percentage of .938.

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    Here is the link to the Jets vs Bengals Game Note

    [QUOTE]New York Jets 2011 Game Releases

    The Game Release has information about the upcoming game, including statistics, probable starters, and even connections between the opponents. The release also goes deeper into the team, with information about off-the-field happenings during the season and from the offseason. Here you can find player statistics and biographies as well as information on the general manager, head coach, the Jets' coordinators and coaches, and New Meadowlands Stadium. The game review portion provides you with everything from game statistics and starters to scoring summary and game notes.[/QUOTE]


    [B]Talk About It...[/B]
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