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Thread: NFL Yearbook 2010 New York Jets

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    NFL Yearbook 2010 New York Jets

    Does anyone know when ESPN is going to air the 2010 NY Jets Yearbook?

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    I've been wondering that as well, keep seeing other teams but never the Jets.

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    What gives?!

    The only time I got to see anything that resembled highlights from last season was watching the Jets close out the Patriots 2010 Yearbook (and they left out quite a bit of that game).

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    CBS aired it already

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    CBS aired it already. Pretty good video. The last shot of the credits is of my buddies who sit in 229 throwing confetti after the last regular season game of the year (including HofstraJet in a white Bart Scott jersey). Pretty cool to play it back and see them.

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    When was this sh*t?!

    I live in Columbus, OH. I can tell you CBS didn't show it out here.

    Any links?

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    ESPN has been airing every team.

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    . . . except the Jets!!!


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    any links or downloads available fellas?

    i want

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    From 1am to 3am tonight, there will be four NFL Yearbooks on ESPN2. My guide won't tell me what teams, but it's worth a heads up

    I swear if they show the Pats again, I'll drive up to Bristol and take a dump on ESPN's satellite dish

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    Link of the credits. The last shot is me and my friends as mentioned earlier. Pretty cool way to end the video.

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    ESPN 2, August 20th at 2:30am.

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    The Jets are on right now, ESPN 2

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    Just happened to change channel and it was starting, DVR'ing it.

    Its awesome. Just got to our BYE.

    "We are 5-1 going into our bye, just like we said. You dont have to apologize for *bleep*."
    -Rex Ryan

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    One thing im getting from it is that Braylon was always in Rex's ear about what plays to run when they were on the sidelines. Although in the Steelers game, Bray should get some credit for pressuring Rex to go for it. The very next play was that beautiful naked-bootleg by Sanchez.

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    Son of a ***** i missed it.

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    Can someone come through with a POTY with a link??? :pray:

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    [QUOTE=skillosopher;4109207]Can someone come through with a POTY with a link??? :pray:[/QUOTE]

    Send SAR I a picture of your penis.


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    Is that 2:30 am tonight?


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    Its on at 2:30am ESPN2.....thats an hour and a half from this post.

    Set ur DVRS.

    They gonna show bears and vagiants first.


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