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Thread: Ihedigbo the Patriot*

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    Ihedigbo the Patriot*

    [QUOTE][B]JamesIhedigbo DIGGZ44
    [/B]Thanks to #jetsfans for all the love an support greatly appreciate it's on to a new chapter.....I'm Officially a New England Patriot!!!!!!

    aaaaaaand start freaking out in 3... 2... 1...

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    Oh I'm just quaking in my boots.

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    Poor bastard was sent to the minors.

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    [QUOTE=JetsFanatic;4110118]Poor bastard was sent to the minors.[/QUOTE]

    "Eeeexcellent" :burns:

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    He's not an impact player, but he was one of my favorite Jets. Not going to enjoy seeing him in a Pats uniform. Was secretly hoping we'd be able to pick him up right before the season started for the vet minimum.

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    Wonder how much they grossly overpaid him like they did a certain other former Jet

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    Digs, Ellis and Woodhead will be captains vs the Jets this season.

    Who didn't see this move coming?

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    Oh no! Now who will barely play for us? He'll be barely playing for our rivals! We'd better pick up anybody to not make a difference on games, and fast!

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    [QUOTE=Dirtstar;4110116]aaaaaaand start freaking out in 3... 2... 1...[/QUOTE]

    He can shine Woodheads helmet or visa versa..... figuratively and literally!!!

  10. #10 the Pats* continue to sign players who weren't good enough to make our team

    One year deal with the Pats? Just a guess.

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    ...of course he did...

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    Now that they signed Dig we shouldn't even bother showing up this year. :rolleyes:
    Good for them, they needed to get tougher, now they have some Jets, should make the games more competitive this year. I approve this move.


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    Earlier today I saw a Pasts fan post that the Jets had 1 starting caliber safety while NE had 3...

    Why are they looking for Safety help then :i_dont_kn

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    Only a matter of time before we see:

    Anthony Schlegel BoarHunter
    Belichick asked me if I'm good with video equipment. I told him no, but I can kill a boar. Boom goes the dynamite. I'm a Patriot!
    13 minutes ago

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    Hm, ah well..a credit to our staff.

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    A minor loss at best for the Jets but he's got to be an upgrade over Bret Lockett. Lockett went down last night with what looked like a potential season-ender. His stats with the Patriots:

    3 trips to the IR
    0 tackles or plays of any kind.
    1 allegedly fabricated affair with Kim Kardashian.

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    [QUOTE]Ihedigbo, 27, racked up 11 special teams tackles with New York last season. [B]The Pats would be smart to make sure Ihedigbo doesn't play snaps on defense if he makes the final 53. He struggles badly in both coverage and run support. [/B]Source: James Ihedigbo on Twitter [/QUOTE]

    Rotoworld. Ihedigbo's biggest contribution to the team was his cool sack dance, nothing special.

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    1 allegedly fabricated affair with Kim Kardashian.[/QUOTE]


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    Brains, not Braun

    Ihedigbo's on-field contribution will not kill us; not by being missing from our lineup nor by being present on the Pats.

    However, he is possibly one of the best people to convey knowledge of our playbook (at least last year's) to our opponents. Dude is wicked smart...son of two PhD's. :yes:

    The sky is certainly not falling, but this is certainly not good news.

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    i'd rather have maybin.


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