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Thread: Feds meet with community, city over police shootings (vid)

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    Feds meet with community, city over police shootings (vid)

    Officials from the Department of Justice met with families of those shot by

    Albuquerque police officers and Albuquerque's mayor and police chief.

    The DOJ is deciding whether to conduct a formal investigation into the recent rash of officer-involved shootings.

    Since January of 2010, 19 people have been shot by APD officers and 13 of them died.

    In addition to meeting with the families, the officers met with Mayor Richard Berry, Police Chief Ray Schultz and community activists.

    The DOJ is expected to decide whether it should launch a civil rights probe into the deaths.

    Of the 13 men who were killed, most were young Hispanic men, some were unarmed and some were mentally ill.

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