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Thread: Our Offense is going Very GOOD...

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    Our Offense is going Very GOOD...

    I realize the conventional wisdom is to think of our offense as second (or even third) best unit on the team but don't be surprised if it eventually almost as good as our defense.

    To biggest keys are Health and continued development of Sanchez and the offensive line.

    While some point to the departure of Edwards, Cotchery and Smith as big losses, I think we are missing the fact that we are much more diverse offense now. Burress, Mason, and Holmes are in my opinion compliment each other perfectly and should give DC fits.

    Now add Keller, Cumberland, Kerley, Turner, LT and McKnight out of the back field and we are much more athletic and deep.

    I can't wait to see Shonn Greene running behind John Conner as the undisputed # 1. I also think that Bilal Powell is going to surprise alot of people in this league if he gets an opportunity to play.

    Again, the key is Sanchez becoming more accurate, learning how to look of defenders better and getting read of the ball when and not taking unneccesary risks with the ball.

    If he gets the protection I can see him going 25 TDs with 13 INTs or something like that.

    With our defense and special teams consistently giving us good field position, we should be able to average 24 or more points a game, imho.

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    i say goddamn what a rush!1

    i agree...if jets can make it to the season in tact they will be lighting it up come october.

    baghdad ass up!

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    check my record. i dont care what team they are on I call it how i see it. \

    Sanchez is a good enough QB to win a championship.


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