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Thread: Pretty Little Liars Review: "History Detectives"

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    Pretty Little Liars Review: "History Detectives"

    Mysterious "," is a tormented character, "Pretty Little Liars" (ABC Family to twenty) for some time, and they said no - but Emily get a nervous breakdown when he pushed the Brink Pretty Little Liars DVD , the girls finally decided to confide in a therapist.

    Despite a mother and daughter duo in Southern California competition works well together as a team when it comes to competitive bidding House MD DVD , but must also be able to communicate effectively on "How much?" (NBC the 8) to win the prize money.

    It's "History Detectives" (Weta to 9), the team tries to make sense of carving in the shape of the mouth and chin, which may come from the Andrew Jackson figurehead at the same time, in other cases Supernatural DVD , the manifesto contains malicious statements the police and the woman's body in 1800.

    A dozen acts perform and show the judges on "America's Got Talent" The Simpsons DVD (NBC at 9) when the competition moves into the semifinal round in Hollywood.

    Jeff clashes with a contractor on the finances of "flipping" (Bravo at 9) Law and Order DVD , while the two are locked in an epic battle, Jeff also runs his own company problem at home.

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    Entourage: Exec Doug Ellin Surprised By "reaction"

    Entourage creator Doug Ellin has admitted he is surprised by the show "game" Entourage DVD has received in recent times. Ellis admitted that he did not wait for the drama, which is currently in the final period of ventilation, to get bad reviews.

    "Critics, suddenly seems to have become in ourselves and forgot that they were very good reviews in the past," told TV Guide. "Last season we had our highest ratings ever, so I kind of ignore the criticism." MI5 DVD Ellin suggested that the criticism began because Entourage has started to introduce some darker stories.

    "Honestly, I'm willing to be criticized," he said. "I love the show. I think it's as good as it ever was. I do not feel there is a lot of shows in television history have been mixed colors Glee DVD as well as what we have and I think it throws people. I think the crisis. "

    He continued: "You want to see everyone going, 'This is the greatest thing ever," Sure, but when we started the season, I remember HBO, saying: "This is not our typical type of show, so I would prepare a pretty harsh assessment Smallville DVD . " And the New York Times said we were the best shows on television that year, so I was not expecting this. I did not expect some backlash. "

    Ellin also denied rumors that HBO Entourage canceled, insisting that the players and the team decided to end. Ghost Whisperer DVD

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