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Thread: Rick Gosselin: Expect a New and Improved Mark Sanchez this Season

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    this is certainly sanchez's year to start doing what he was drafted to do. the team will need some good play from him to start winning consistently.

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    [QUOTE=Magnus;4134087]So this didn't give anyone any pause? I hope he does become Mr superhero. I dont want what he has given before unlike some posters who claim he already has shown he is elite. Be elite and then I'll believe it.
    TALK IS CHEAP PUT UP OR SHUT UP MARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/QUOTE]

    It would if QB rating was a good stat to judge QBs by. The new espn one has him up around 13th which is pretty accurate for his 2nd year in the league. Thanks for your input though.

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    I think it's going to be very tough for Sanchez to jump to 60% completion rate with two new WR's (both of whom are older and one hasn't played in almost 3 years). I'd love to see it be it is going to be tough

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    ... great read ...

    ... def love the idea that he finally has the experience to equal what most qb's who come from college to immediately start for a team ... in essence he has 2 afc championship journeys on his resume as a 1st year rookie qb :yes: ...


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    Great bump. Thanks.

    Sad, yet funny.

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    Has he improved in 2011 in any, some, every passing category?

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    [QUOTE=jetstream23;4299264]Has he improved in 2011 in any, some, every passing category?[/QUOTE]

    more TD and a slightly higher (56%) completion percentage. 3 more rushing TD.

    but also more INT and 8 more fumbles lost.


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    [QUOTE=bitonti;4299268]more TD and a slightly higher (56%) completion percentage. 3 more rushing TD.

    but also more INT and 8 more fumbles lost.


    8 lost fumbles is bad luck and bad line play. many blind side hits. The amount of fumbles is the same for each year, basically, 10,9,10.
    His qbr has also increased, would be about 88 if he had a comp.% of at least 59. Many dropped balls this year.
    The fact that everyone feels his year has been garbage should really look at the play around him, then his numbers. It s amazing that he increased in anything this year with this team.
    Sanchez can play. He has been coached horribly wrong and the bad habits are forming. This can be reversed.

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    im not a big fan in using pure stats to evaluate a football player. there are 16 games it's not a huge sample size.

    I'd rather talk in terms scouting. Imagine you are an NFL defensive back. you have the Pats the Saints and the Jets on the schedule in that order. Week 1 and 2 you are scared, week 3 you are happy and think you can get an INT. If you are a D-Lineman you think you can get a sack or maybe bat a couple balls down. Sanchez is a walk in the park compared to other QB's.

    What exactly does Mark Sanchez do well that makes other teams worry? What are his strengths? He can take a hit and run play action that's about all I got these days for him. I wish he would improve on his defensive reads, his progression and his decision making.


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