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Thread: Reagan 278,000; JugHead 0

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    Reagan 278,000; JugHead 0


    [QUOTE]President Zero.

    The brand-new nickname for Barack ObamAA+ symbolizes America’s total net jobs created in August: Zippo.

    So, how many jobs emerged in August 1983, the analogous point in Ronald Reagan’s presidency? 278,000. Proportional to today’s population, that equals 365,000 new hires last month.

    Citizens pondering Obama’s latest jobs speech and how to get America working again should focus on today’s great Keynesian experiment. Ronald Reagan’s supply-side mixture of tax cuts, deregulation, and sound money competes directly against Obama’s big-government blend of Keynesian stimuli, rampant red tape, and promiscuous printing of money — as if dollars were wallpaper. The late Reagan trounces the leisurely Obama.

    Reagan’s Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981 slashed the top federal income-tax from 70 percent to 50, and sliced business levies. Today, it would cost $1.86 trillion. (For consistency, I converted all of the historical numbers in this article for 1981, 1983, and 2009 into 2011 dollars. Nominal figures appear in an analysis available here.) Meanwhile, Obama’s “stimulus,” formally called the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, cost $829 billion.

    Reagan deregulated America’s economy, as demonstrated by the relatively low 30,522 pages of rules added to the Federal Register in 1981 and 1982. Reagan continued President Carter’s loosening of restrictions on airlines, trucking, and other industries. The 45,696 pages that swelled the Register in 2009 and 2010 reflect Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, EPA guidelines, pro-union favors, and other regulations — atop Sarbanes-Oxley, farm programs, lighting standards, and other hurdles that Bush-Rove erected.

    Confirming Reagan’s commitment to reliable currency and monetary restraint, gold’s price fell 33 percent — from $1,396.79 per ounce during Reagan’s Jan. 20, 1981, inauguration to $937.37 on Sept. 7, 1983. By converting the Bureau of Engraving and Printing into a veritable currency copy shop, Obama helped gold climb 201.4 percent through Wednesday, from $898.53 to $1,810.00.

    Reagan accelerated Carter’s deregulation of oil prices and encouraged domestic production, as underscored by gasoline’s 6.75 percent fall from $3.11 per gallon on inauguration day to $2.90 in late August 1983. Obama’s domestic drilling limits and anti-carbon fetish helped gasoline climb 87 percent — from $1.93 when he arrived to $3.60 on August 29.

    The economic and political consequences of these conflicting visions are stunning.[/QUOTE]


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    The Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers.

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    ive got both of you winners on ignore so im gonna guess what these numbers mean

    are they the number of illegals given amnesty by each President? No Reagan's number is too small.

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    [QUOTE]President Zero.

    The brand-new nickname for Barack ObamAA+ symbolizes America’s total net jobs created in August: Zippo.

    So, how many jobs emerged in August 1983, the analogous point in Ronald Reagan’s presidency?[/QUOTE]

    Great, so you've stretched the intellectual bounds to comapre exactly one number from two diverse timeperiods.

    Great work.

    Now, to provide any actual meaning to those two numbers, how about detailing every other variable involved?

    Best of luck with that.

    Your sin here is the same sin of Global Climate Change Warmers. You take two numbers, and extrapolate them as if those two numbers alone are the only numbers that matter or factor in.

    Like the climate, the economy is incredably complex, with a massive amount of factors, influences and contributors involved. The vast majority of which are outside even the Presidents direct influence.

    So congrats Dean. You just entered the same rarified air as the "well, it was 50 degrees 100 years ago today, and 51 degrees today, so GLOBAL WAMRING ARRHHWARGARBL!!!!!!"

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    [QUOTE=Frequent Flyer;4144101]The Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers.[/QUOTE]

    lol - you, sir, are on fire. :clapper:


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