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Thread: Punching bag

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    [QUOTE=sameoldjets;4166125]it goes without saying that i have a healthy dislike for schitty. however, the argument kind of loses something when it comes from a player. my point is that if the offense is truly being called right then holmes may not be the best option to throw to. if this is the case then holmes contribution is being a decoy and helping to block on whatever play is being executed. for him to think he needs to catch the ball to help the team is wrong. he does need to get more than one catch in a game.[/QUOTE]

    We have a good WR core. W/plax, Mason and Holmes...most OC would salivate over it. Granted Mason and Plax need time 2 develop w/Sanchez but our WR have been below standard and aren't being targeted enough!

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    Thank you Vinny T's Niece for the insight...

    Haven't seen this here, sorry if it's a repeat.

    LT calling out Schoddy, even more pointedly and less subtly than Santonio?



    Sep 29, 2011 8:59 PM
    By Rich Cimini

    LaDainian Tomlinson introduced a new theory on why the Jets' vaunted ground game is sputtering: He believes their plays and schemes might be predictable.

    "I think people have scouted us well," Tomlinson said Thursday. "There are different plays where they may know the depth of the running back and they'll know, 'Okay, this is what's coming.' We've heard that from people."


    "Some opponents have told us that," he said. "When you talk to guys around the league after the game, like, 'Hey, what's up?' They're like, 'We were looking at your guys' depth. When you're deep, it's a run. When you're close, it's a pass.' Certain things like that. Defenses, they pick up on that stuff."

    The Jets are averaging 82 rushing yards per game and 3.4 per attempt. A year ago, they averaged 148.4 and 4.4.

    If this is true, it's pathetic.


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