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Thread: Just Saw The Most Epic Comeback...

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    Just Saw The Most Epic Comeback...

    Sorry to put this here but wish all football fans could have seen it...

    96 yard ( really 99 after 1st down ) drive by BYU with 2 mins left and one TO that they didnt use!

    There was a David Tyree like play for about 60 yards, mis management of the clock that would have made Herm look like Lombardi, and AWAY fans asking for the other teams QB's autograph lol...

    Game was won on WHAT I THINK was a purposly tipped pass to another BYU player, classic tip drill if anyone who reads played the game for a TD with about 9 secs left!

    Again sorry this is here and it will get moved but thoight I had to share cuz it was really awesome to see live...

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    Great game.

    Utah State can run the ball.

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    awesome finish. Didn't look to me like the tip was intentional but I could be wrong.

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    Yeah, didn't look intentional. Heaps looked awful and Utah St. is jinxed, poor guys play great every week and can't get over the hump.


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