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Thread: The Playboy Club closing early

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    [QUOTE=JStokes;4175078][B]'The Playboy Club' TV season's first cancellation[/B][I]NEW YORK (AP) NBC's Playboy Club is closing early.

    The network said Tuesday it is cancelling its highly-publicized new drama, "The Playboy Club," after only three episodes. Its time slot will eventually be filled by Brian Williams' new newsmagazine.

    The Monday night drama, set in the 1960s, had only 5 million viewers for its first episode two weeks ago and kept losing viewers. Nielsen said the show had only 3.5 million viewers this week.

    It's the first cancellation of the new fall TV season.[/I]

    Too funny. Who thought putting a show on network TV about Playboy would be a good idea?

    We didn't look at Playboy for the personalities, the letters, the articles, the special features, even for Heff.

    We looked at if because of teh neckedness.

    Can't imagine who at NBC greenlighted putting a show about hot naked babes on network...where you can't show hot naked babes.

    This MIGHT have been a great show for cable.



    T1TS Or GTFO

    NBC chose 'GTFO'


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    Whenever there is a sucessful show (in this case, Mad Men), a ton of copy cat shows come out. They all get cancelled.


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