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    I'd be very interested to hear what you think of this news item, and perhaps more, the comments section and the views espoused within.

    When these issues come up, I often wonder how you see this stuff, but rarely get the chance to ask you.


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    [B]But even a few convictions will be symbolically important, the rabbi said, and reinforced the words of Simon Wiesenthal who escaped from a camp in 1943. Wiesenthal lost 89 members of his family in the Holocaust, according to the Center's website. "Each trial is an inoculation against hatred," Cooper repeated Wiesenthal's words.[/B]

    Newsflash: Germans are no longer your biggest problem, Jewish people.

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    Two thoughts. First, I don't think these trials will have any impact on antisemitism or genocide. At this point, it's not an inoculation against anything.

    Second, that being said, any camp guards ought to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. They were willing and essential accessories to thousands of murders - to genocide. This isn't about retribution or deterrence - it's about justice. And however old they are, if they haven't yet faced justice for what they did, they should face justice now. Age provides no immunity for murder.


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