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Thread: Best pizza in NY?

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    [QUOTE=jetswin;4179126]Roma's in Tuckahoe[/QUOTE]

    Do they sell it by the slice?

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    [QUOTE=BRONX JET;4179855]Do they sell it by the slice?[/QUOTE]

    Nope, but you wouldn't be able to stop at 1 or 2 anyway

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    [QUOTE=Beerfish;4178915]I have an acquaintance going to NY and wants to know the best pizza place. This being food central (as well as sex, liquor, photo shopping and gourmet feast central) I thought I would ask the best.[/QUOTE]

    Are they looking for a slice or a pie? Are they coming to NY expressly for the purpose of eating (and finding the best pizza is of the highest priority) or do they want the best pizza that is not inconvenient?

    The Brooklyn recommendations are legit, but is it worth it to them to jump on the Q train for 40 minutes only to wait another hour to get pizza? For some, absolutely. For others that's a big waste of time on their trip to NY.

    If they'll be in midtown, a great place for a slice near Columbus Circle is Mariella's on 8th and 57th. Nothing to look at and they literally only serve pizza (no garlic knots, no salad, no nuthin') but its one of the best around. Also likely to be relatively close to where they're staying.

    Sal and Carmine's on 102nd and B'way is my personal favorite for a slice but I haven't been in a few years as its not really convenient and I suspect it won't be convenient for your "acquaintance" (is that what we are calling our ghey lovers these days?).

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    [QUOTE=Bay Ridge Jet;4179037][B]Di Fara Pizza on Avenue J in Brooklyn is the best pizza I ever had[/B]. I also like the trays from Spumoni Gardens on 86th street in Brooklyn.

    As for the city, Lombardis on Spring St. and Artichoke Pizza on 14th street between 1st and 2nd,.[/QUOTE]

    DiFara's has the best pizza I've ever had. It's a long wait because they make their pizza's fresh and per prder, but it's worth the wait!


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