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Thread: Trade help needed

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    Trade help needed

    I was offered Beanie Wells for Jeremy Maclin and Dexter McCluster. I turned down that trade.

    12 team 1 qb 2 rbs 1 rb/wr

    Would you do Beanie Wells for Greg Jennings straight up?

    my rb's are

    Chris Johnson
    Deangelo Williams
    Daniel Thomas
    Beanie Wells

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    I am confused you are getting Wells or trading him? If you are getting him yes loosing him no. I'm really not a huge fan of you RBs. Mendenhall, Williams, and CJ have all done nothing so far. Tenn is not running CJ into the ground like they have in previous years because they finally have someone that can throw the ball. I just dont see him having great #s. Mende I'm calling the bust of the year. Guy hasn't even shown a flash of talent so far this year. It is like Addia all over again. Williams well he may be done after all. I'd keep him 3 more weeks then drop him if he doesn't do anything. Or just drop him now and pick up someone that may help you. Thomas has potential but Wells is your best back.

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    wells for jennings straight up? in a heartbeat...take it and run

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    If you are soft on #1 WR i would do the maclin trade or the Jennings trade. Maclin and Jennings are roughly equal right now. That said you may be best just keeping Wells. You dont have a startable 3rd RB without him.


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