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Thread: The Ozzie Guillen appreciation thread

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    The Ozzie Guillen appreciation thread

    Let us discuss and praise the Legend himself. Ozzie Guillen. I will start with his money rant.

    “With the rings, I can’t do [anything] with that,’’ Guillen said according to the Chicago Sun-Times. “But with money, I can go buy me a new boat, I can go buy me a new car, I can dress my wife the way I want to dress her, I can go to Spain. With the ring, I can go to United Airlines and say, ‘Hello, I won the 2005 championship. Can you fly me to Spain?’ Hell, no.

    “Money is everything besides health. Money is next to that. A lot of people say, ‘Oh, love.’ They don’t know what love means. I guarantee you, if you raise a girl where I grew up and you’ve got no money and she loves you, but you put the same girl with a guy who’s got a lot of money, I’ll bet she’ll love the guy with money. That’s the way it is. I love you, but I’m hungry.

    “I work in this job for money. I don’t work for nothing. Money. That’s it. The ring? [Bleep] the ring. I don’t even wear my [bleeping] rings. I don’t.’’

    You know that boat he mentioned? He went into further detail about that. In fact, you might even think it was the driving force behind Guillen’s decision after listening to him.

    “You know what I saw a couple days ago?’’ Guillen continued. “I saw a 62-foot boat. That’s what I want, and that’s what I’m going to get. People have to pay me for that. White Sox? I don’t know. Marlins? I don’t know. But somebody will pay. I want to buy my [bleeping] boat. That’s my inspiration. My inspiration is money. That’s everybody’s inspiration.

    “If I leave here, I will say, ‘I leave here because I want to make my [bleeping] money.’ You know why? Because no [bleeping] fans, no [bleeping] Jerry or [bleeping] anybody is going to take care of my grandkids and put me in a 62-foot boat. That’s why there’s free Agency.
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