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Thread: So where's the tailgate?

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    So where's the tailgate?

    So our multi-generation team going back to the Titans (Jack, 83 years old) fell apart with the move to the new stadium. Mr. Heckman got our picture at the Phins fiasco and I checked the site out.
    Looks like you guys are keeping the spirit alive so I thought I'd check out the site and most important your 200 strong tailgate (lets face it, that's what it's really all about!)
    So where do the 2 of us left hook up with ya'll?
    I'm the skinny old guy but Bill is cool too even though he's a Canuck who still plays hockey twice a week

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    Forgot, you'll see me wearing a #7 Vick throwback jersey, which is the 3rd version in the 3 years I've been hoping we could get a real QB.

    However, with his recent whining I'm losing interest and have moved to the Cam Newton camp. Sancheese is probably a nice guy but his time is up. We have to move on and it's too late too enter the suck for luck competition (remember 3 years ago when we were headed to #1 draft pick and won the last 2 meaningless games...arghhhhhh)

    Has anyone figured out why we let McElroy go? Considering he was playing his first NFL games he was pretty darn impressive!


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