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Thread: Stevan Ridley, sneaky play this week?

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    Stevan Ridley, sneaky play this week?

    Pitt is certainly going to gear up for the pass. Given the state of their D, I'm thinking Ridley gets a few more looks then usual this week. With Ben and company clicking I think they may want to control the clock a bit, and have a more balanced attack to catch Pitt off guard.

    He's flashed at times and has put up some decent numbers when given the chance.

    I'm starting him for 2 reasons.

    1) my RB1 is on a bye and Hillis is hurt.
    2) i have no other options.


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    I was going to have to start him since Forte is on a bye until some guy for some reason accepted Starks and Hasselbeck for Jonothan Stewart.

    I dont like Ridley at all this week.

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    Well Dexter McCluster is due. They used him a lot more last weak and given SDs weak areas it may be worth a shot.

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    I'm going with Lex Hilliard. With Daniel Thomas out, and the Giants run D being less then great, I expect Hilliard to get some carries and probably own the goal line (if the dolphins can even get there).


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