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Thread: RIP Andy Rooney and Top 10 Grumpiest Moments

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    RIP Andy Rooney and Top 10 Grumpiest Moments

    Some funny stuff, you will be missed Andy.

    On Sunday CBS correspondent Andy Rooney will make his last regular appearance on 60 Minutes. To mark the 92-year-old's retirement from the show, TIME took a look at some of his most ridiculous complaints

    Read more: [url],28804,1988367_1988362_1988360,00.html[/url] #ixzz1cqMIUbl2

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    RIP? :confused::confused:

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    '60 Minutes' commentator Andy Rooney dies

    Emmy-winner, 92, had been hospitalized due to complications from surgery


    RIP Andy.

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    Dude lived a full life and then some. His life should be celebrated, not mourned.

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    [QUOTE=FF2;4217864]RIP? :confused::confused:[/QUOTE]

    what, too soon? :rolleyes:

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    The best moment was not on 60 Minutes but when Sacha Baron Cohen portrayed Ali G and Andy Rooney proceeded to reprimand his poor gramar and walked off the set.


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