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Thread: Last Minute Second Guessing

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    Last Minute Second Guessing

    Do you go Gregg Little or LT today??

    I'm starting HOU defense...I dont love Little but he's likely going to get tons of looks....but i do feel LT has TD/big yardage chunk ability today.


    non ppr league

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    Don't forget how LT lit up the Bills last year. My play is LT.

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    Need quick advise. Sproles or Shonn? Thanks in advance

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    OP. LT.

    Bronx, love Greene, but Sproles is the way to go.

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    im flexing LT, benching Stevie Johnson and starting Gregg Little.

    On the Shonn or Sproles question.

    It's a tough one...I think both have equal upside and is a wash this week. What I will say is Shonn will have more volume of work.


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