Watching the Chargers start the game without Dielman & then seeing McNeill go down, then they lost a guard, it just goes to show you cannot win in the NFL without the horses.
Rivers is getting killed. Rivers has never been a QB that moves well, he's similar to Brady, they like a nice neat cozy pocket to throw from.

We have already seen what Mangold means to the Jets success up front. This has truly become a game of attack the QB. With the rules as they are if you don't get pressure on the QB you will lose.

Looking at the way Rex & Pettine have brought along these young guys on the Dline, makes next years draft one of the most exciting for Jet fans. Having all of our picks means Tanny will be able to add some much needed depth to this team.
Just the thought of getting lucky & grabbing a Demarcus Ware type stud rusher to this Dline rotation would make playing the Jets an aweful experience for QBs in the future.
Nice to know with Rex Jets will be contenders for years.