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Thread: New Story: Defeating the Patriots

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    New Story: Defeating the Patriots

    For a long time, it's been the age old question. How can we beat the Patriots? In year's past the Pats, more notably Tom Brady, have been the big brother in the AFC East, as he boasts a 14-5 career record against the Jets. But at a pedestrian 5-3 record, currently amidst a two-game losing streak and with the league's last ranked defense, the Patriots suddenly seem ... dare I say ... beatable.

    The Jets also come into this Sunday's mega match-up at 5-3, however how the two have gotten there is what separates the rivals now. A three-game winning streak,...


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    Sick article thanks so much for giving such quick updates :):):)

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    Great story - let's rock the patsie world on Sunday!


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