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Thread: New Story: PREVIEW: Patriots (5-3) @ NY Jets (5-3)

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    New Story: PREVIEW: Patriots (5-3) @ NY Jets (5-3)

    Some things in life are just better in twos: socks, gloves, Miller High Life's and the Jets and Patriots playing each other. With no disrespect to the team's in Pittsburgh and Baltimore but the rivalry between New York and New England may just be the best in the sport.

    With only their record and standing in the AFC East serving as similarities, the Jets and Patriots are polar opposites. The Jets are the plagued have-nots; their history filled with stories of being this close and other near misses. Currently, they are the out-spoken, hard-nosed personification of head coach Rex Ryan's ego...


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    So you are saying that our season will be a failure then, by JI poster's standards


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