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Thread: How can you guys seriously blame Mark Sanchez for this?

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    [QUOTE=PMarsico9;4234186]OK, so let's get a list of 3 games that Sanchez was the reason the Jets won.[/QUOTE]

    Texans last year, Pats playoff game (yes the defense played well too, but literally every time we needed a response aka when Brady cut it to 14-11), Detroit, and really Chicago too (we lost despite putting up 31 points... that's on the D)

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    [QUOTE=NYJ37/12;4234047]I stopped reading the previous post when I saw Vinny and Rapistburger in the same sentence as elite.

    This elite qb crap is nonsense. Elite is the "now" word. Espn driven.

    If you dont like Sanchez that's cool, dont like him. His record in high school through this year proves you wrong. That fact is he wins, that's all that matters.
    I will not change my opinion of him with each game depending on the outcome. I will judge his career at the end.
    I suggest you get used to him being around for a while, or change teams because unless he is injured, he will be here for the next 7-8 years.

    Have a nice my friend.:yes:[/QUOTE]

    [QUOTE=NYJ37/12;4234104]Who are you trying to make this sale to, yourself?

    Nobody cares.

    Just win. That's what we care about.


    [QUOTE=NYJ37/12;4234124]You should not be complaining if you are only 26. You have enjoyed the good years.

    Try being around since 69'. Dont tell me what I expect. I've been around the game as a player and fan for over forty years, I know what a good qb is and Sanchez is GOOD.[/QUOTE]

    This x 3. Thank you for the logical, sane posts :)

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    Seems like we get one of these threads after every loss. Sanchez had multiple turnovers, one of which was returned for 7 points. His passer rating was 65 against the 32nd ranked pass D in the league. You can blame him. Next game in a couple days though, let's move on.


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