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I agree that McKnight fumble was turning point.

The time out is just a red herring. Seriously. It was 80 freakin' yards. If the Jets D was as good as Rex's fat mouth always says it is, it would have kept them off the scoreboard. Don't blame Eric Smith being awful at football on a time out.
i think this misplaced focus/blame is indicative of how the media sees this team. the media jumps on a timeout, and ignores that the 'vaunted' defense couldn't stop brady on a key drive when, even if they had yielded only a fg, they would have gone into halftime with most of the momentum.

why isn't eric smith called out for his incompetence? why aren't defensive coaches criticized for players being woefully unprepared for several pass plays? why aren't offensive coaches blasted for allowing one guy to register 4.5 sacks? you'd think that maybe, after 2 or 3, they would smack the hell out of him to make sure he doesn't get another.

nope. it's all about a timeout. it's all about selling papers. who cares that all these other glaring problems go relatively untouched. then when sanchez plays well and they still lose b/c of all these other issues, these same people will spin it as, sanchez can't put the team on his back.