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Thread: Calvin Pace = castly overrated pass rusher

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    Calvin Pace = castly overrated pass rusher

    Just send this guy to the bench on 3rd downs because I cannot remember the last time he beat an o-lineman for a sack. Did he even have 1 pressure tonight?

    mods please correct title.

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    It's not that he's overrated, he's just inconsistent. On some days, Pace looks like a top 5 OLB, a Suggs of sorts, and there's other where he disappears completely.

    Tonight, Pace almost got there a few times, but kept literally falling short. He was also exhausted after a while as the defense was on the field so much.

    I expect a BIG bounceback against Denver on Thursday. Should have a sack or three.

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    Certainly not worth the money he's getting paid. His best days are behind him. I say he's overrated. Westermann has more upside.


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