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Thread: Stop the blame game p l e a s e

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    Stop the blame game p l e a s e

    As a long suffering Jet's fan I said at the beginning of the season to the shagrin of people on this board that this was at best an average Jets team. They go up and beat a Buffalo team that we know now is reeling and everyone picks them to beat the Pats which in the past has been the kiss of death for the Jets. I have said it before and say it again that when they feel they can just go through the motions to beat another team because they expected to they tend to get their asses handed to them.

    As for blame they win as a team and they loose as a team. They were outcoached and outplayed by one of the best QB's in the league.

    Now let's get down to some troubling issues...

    -The Jet's have a lot of money invested in Sanchez as their franchise QB but the questions need to be asked about his development as an NFL QB and whether he is the right person to lead this team and can live up to what the Jets are paying him.

    -There is no doubt that our OC has to go. He is too damn conservative and it's obvious that he cannot play chess with opposing coaches.

    -The Jets need to spend money on someone who can generate a pass rush. QB's like Tom Brady will pick apart any team when he is given that much time.

    -We have to wonder how Sanchez got sacked so often with one of the worst defenses in the league. His pocket awareness is null and void and the OL cannot take games off.

    -Our wide receivers should have been open all night against a defense with as many alternate players starting.

    -Rex is loved by his players but maybe it's time to kick some ass and send a message. He was embaressed on national TV and right now he looks more like a blowhard than anything else.

    -Finally we have too many aging players at LB. Say what you want about the Pats they are getting younger on defense and they are leading the division while doing it.

    I am not ready to throw the towel in on Sanchez yet but after the season they need to seriously question why they invested so much money in him and whether he can make the leap to an elite NFL QB.

    The Jets are an average team right now who have beat below average teams.

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    Your post is accurate here's my response
    1)Sanchez has till next year too prove he belongs as the starting QB.

    2)Barring a complete reversal Schotty's tenure as OC will end after this season is finished. Which brings us back to Sanchez and his development. Another OC could turn a struggling young QB in to a good pass thrower able to lead his team. Something our Sanchez is unable to do at this time.
    3) Our pass rush with Rex a former DL coach is beyond bad. It's our #1 need this offseason if we want to ever win the AFC east again.
    4) Our safeties can't cover any receivers and this has to change in 2012
    5) OurLB's are slow and old and Bart Scott's career is winding down
    Tannenbaum and Rex must stop using the band-aid approach with this teams needs and bring in young players who care about winning and not how their stats look.

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    the loss is on schitty. he has to go. let's not play some mamby pamby game here. schitty has had 5+ seasons to get this offense humming. even his oline has enough experience together so that they should be able run and pass block effectively. sanchez? while you can argue the jury is still out, sanchez has made some pretty good plays and he can't be blamed for plays where receivers get stacked or when a pass play is called when a run play would work better, etc. and how on earth can this jet offense go against a bunch of scrubs in the patsie secondary and not succeed? to reiterate, it's on schitty first and foremost.

    the bottom line is this loss really exposed schitty for what he is and isn't and what he isn't is a good offensive coordinator/coach.

    as for the defense, we all know their limitations. they have grown old as a group and need some upgrades. don't they all? they don't get a pass here because just about everyone on the planet knew that girlie boy brady is very good at running a no huddle and the jet defense just didn't adapt very well. not sure if there's much more to say. a pass rush or at least some good pressure would have worked wonders. considering that the patsie oline is also patchwork merely emphasizes that our oline is not playing up to par.

    at this point i don't have a real sense this season is going to end well. they should be able to beat denver handily but may suffer too much hangover from this loss. they should go on to beat buffalo and miami again but they won't be easy games and they still have to play the gianints. the eagles? maybe both teams will be playing for pride.


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