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Thread: A Reasonable Breakdown of our Playoff Chances

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    Quote Originally Posted by GronkWelkhead View Post
    Pat's lost last year to Cleveland and rookie Colt McCoy starting his 3rd game.

    I stand by my statement.
    COMON MAN!!!

    CLE had Mangini and Rob Ryan - that was their superbowl.

    KC has a homeless guy with no ties to NE. No way this isn't a gimmi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jetspennyfan View Post
    Exactly, we weren't world beaters and neither were they. This Schaub injury just lowers part of their offense. It'd be like us playing with Clemens instead of Sanchez in '09.
    They're not a threat to make the SB without Schaub, but to win that division still and maybe pull an upset in the playoffs? Why not?

    Also I don't think anyone has any clue how Leinart might play. He is in a different system than he had with the Cards and has a far better running game to rely on. He might be used in the same manner Alex Smith is being used right now and Smith was another highly touted QB prospect who was thought to be a bust going into this season. You never know. Push comes to shove I don't see Leinart beating a top D in the playoffs, but he can guide them to some wins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Revis View Post
    We need to take care of business and get to the playoffs 1st but there is a scenario that has us go to Oakland/SD rd 1 then on to Houston rd 2. If thats our road to get back to the AFC title game then sign me up now
    Sign me up.

    I think the Jets will finish at worst 10-6. The next four games are against bad teams. The Eagles game is looking very winnable now. That leave the Giants and Dolphins.

    Also, keep in mind that our four losses are to playoff teams, two of them that could finish with 12+ wins (account for 3 of the loses). Lets not give up just yet.

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    Can we please stop with the woe is me our season is over attitude? Our season was over last year when we lost 45-3 to the'd that turn out? Two years ago our season was over we lost to'd that turn out? In 2001 our season was over when we lost to the lowly Bills...still made playoffs. In 2002 our season was over at 2-5 and then our season was over again when Chrebet thought he could fly and we lost to the'd that work out?

    I'm sure everyone will answer that question with "We didn't win the Superbowl so the season ended badly." But just consider the fact that this "our season is over" record has been played before....and most times our season was far from over.


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